100% Money Route - Includes dupe info
100% Money Route For Intermediate Runners
A Consistent Boolossus final boo strat - By: GlitchPhD
All Boos OoB Route
All Portraits OoB Route
Any% (No OoB) Route (W/ and w/o Breaker Boo)
Any% No OoB New Route (Text)
Breaker Boo 1 Cycle Tutorial (Wall Strat)
Disable Map / No Map Glitch Tutorial
How to do Chauncey Fight/ Getting Chauncey Ball catches more consistently
How to load practice saves on console
Luigi's Mansion 100% Tutorial By MichaelT00
Luigi's Mansion Any% No OoB Updated Speed Run Guide Area 1-4
Luigi's Mansion In-Depth Guide Spreadsheet
Luigi's Mansion No Oob Beginner (In Depth) Tutorial
Luigi's Mansion No Oob Intermediate/Advanced (In Depth) Tutorial
Luigi's Mansion Speedgame LiveSpeedGuide Any% No OoB
Luigi's Mansion: Bosses Tutorial by MastahBobby
Luigi’s Mansion Any% (No OOB) Speedrun Tutorial (2018)
Luigi’s Mansion Max% Locationing – by Vark
Map Glitch Tutorial
Map Glitch Tutorial For NTSC and PAL with Hand Cam
Max% Checklist
No OoB Beginners Guide
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