Max% Money Tracker

Made by modifying TestRunner's OoT Randomizer Item Tracker, which can be found here (direct download)

By minimini352minimini352

Money Counter

Money Counter to calculate money totals. Helpful for beginners. (external link)

By TozinoTozino

Money Counter (Re)

Money counter to calculate money totals. Helpful for beginners. (direct download)

By TozinoTozino


(Practice file) Boolossus and Area 4 (JP)

One file with Boolossus and another with the start of Area 4! (direct download)

By Mastahbobby/Seathorne

Bogmire, Boolossus, and King Boo Practice Files (US)

File 1: Saved before Bogmire. File 2: Saved before Boolossus. File 3: Saved before King Boo. Compatible with US version only. (direct download)

By GlitchPhDGlitchPhD

Luigi's Mansion JP Hidden Mansion file

This file has the hidden mansion option and a practice file that has not completed Armory boo, Van gore boo, King boo etc. (direct download)

By MastahbobbyMastahbobby

PAL Hidden Mansion

Hidden Mansion on File 1 (direct download)

By Saria_100Saria_100

Practice Saves for No OoB/Any%

Practice Saves for No OoB/Any% on a Nearly Room by Room Basis! (direct download)

By Saria_100Saria_100

USA Hidden Mansion File

All 3 Files are at the start of the hidden mansion (direct download)

By Saria_100Saria_100


Any% No Oob (Subsplits)

Remove brackets if you dont want sub splits (direct download)

By Mipha16Mipha16