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Hello everyone! With the help of JaredsGiantz, we have decided to experiment with a 100% tournament for the first time. We are once again partnering with SpeedGaming. It's important to note, as previously stated, this tournament is purely experimental, and there are several rules to touch base on that differ from our usual No OoB tournaments.

For starters, like our last No OoB tournament, this will NOT have an entry fee. This tournament is strictly for fun, so we will not have a guaranteed prize pot, unless it is community funded and people want to put some money together to contribute.

-As per usual, we will stick with our week long cap of getting matches done, however, if all matches in a round are completed in a week, the next round will progress the following day.
-Seeing as how 100% Is much different than No OoB, money plays a huge factor in the run. Due to this, both your time and money count will be locked in after completing the run. You CANNOT go back into the file and collect more money in order for your run to count. We believe this will make for more exciting races, as well as gives players with worse times the opportunity to capitalize on their opponents mistakes. Again, this ruleset is purely experimental and we will base any future 100% tournaments around how this rule plays out.
-If both racers don't have the money, then they will need to schedule a rematch at the earliest possible convenience (we believe this likely won't be an issue, as we're sure this will encourage people to do safer money routes than they usually would in actual attempts.)

Once again we are calling on people with good knowledge and expertise to sign up for commentary for this years tournament. We've run into issues every year where we would have to do a match without any commentators as none were available at the time of the match, or people signed up and missed the match entirely without any warning. To prevent this from happening, we'll be implementing a 2-strike system. If you sign up for a match and miss it entirely without warning, you'll be given a strike. After 2 strikes, you'll be prohibited from commentating for the rest of the tournament. If you sign up to commentate a match and can't make it, please let somebody know so we can try to find a replacement in time. If you would like to commentate, send me or JaredsGiantz a DM on Discord. SERIOUS REQUESTS ONLY!

Lastly, when you schedule your match please stay committed to the date and time you and your opponent have scheduled. If you need to reschedule, please let one of the admins and your opponent know. We don't need any more no shows this year. Only people playing on legitimate hardware will be allowed to compete (No Emulator, no USB, etc.) to give fairness to everyone else competing!

Listed below is a link to the Challonge bracket where you can sign up! You have until October 1st to register and the tournament will begin on October 8th. As in years past, this is a double elimination tournament and you will have one week to complete your match per round.


We strongly encourage and appreciate people who sign up to help us run this experimental tournament. If this goes well, expect more like it, possibly annually!

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This is HISTORY BOIS!!!!!

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