(Obsolete / Beginner Friendly) 100% Route
[Français / French] All Glitches explained required for No Hinox Warps (fully editted videos)
100% (Glitchless) Route
100% guide up-to-date as of September 2nd 2021
100% Route (Mar 2020)
Air Climbing Tutorial
AK Skip Tutorial, Like Like Launch Method(September 2020)
All Secret Seashells - Late BowWow Route
All Secret Seashells glitchless route
All Secret Seashells Route
Angler Key Skip Tutorial (Fox Method, Sep. 2020)
Angler Key Skip Tutorial + Getting to D7 Tutorial
Angler Tunnel Bomb Jump Tutorial
Any% Detailed Written Route(With video supplements)
Any% Glitchless Route - Dungeons included (Covers Manip and No Manip)
any% Glitchless route (no RNG manip)
any% Glitchless route (with Manip)
Any% Glitchless Route Video Guide
Any% No HW Tutorial, updated route with detailed explanation for every strat (June 2021)
Any% route notes (text only)
Any% Tutorial(Fox AK Skip Route and Like Like AK Skip route plus explanations for all tricks, very raw)(August 2020)
D5 small key Skip (D5 skew) Tutorial [Video]
D6 Dodongo Skip
D8 Skip Tutorial (Quick Method + Wall Walking Method)
Early Magic Rod Tutorial (For 100%)
Flame Cave Skip Tutorial (Early D8)
Glitchless Tutorial, updated route with detailed explanation for every strat (June 2021)
One Cycle Moblin King Fight
Slime Eel Skip (D5 Skip)
The Big Glitch Dictionary
The Glitch Wishlist
Tutorial: Any% | Jan 2020
Updated Dampé Guide for 100%
Villa Skip Tutorial (Old Method, but still Applicable)
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