How to do Bow Wow skip?

Sorry if this question is asked a lot, I am just trying to do the bow wow skip (the one where you hold a cucoo and get eaten by the orange thing to be flung in the air and on top of the trees) but I just can't seem to get it.

The few times I did manage to get it, I lost my shield in the process, but I see it is possible to perform it and also not have the shield eaten.

I'm guessing I am missing an input somewhere, right now I'm just standing in the spot while holding a cucoo and nothing else.

Couldn't find anyone explaining it anywhere so I would love some help!


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I havent had that issue where I loose my shield... The whole trick is just to stand in a specific spot while turned upwards, and if your position was correct youll get it. No inputs needed after youve been swallowed by the Like Like. I just spin my controll stick because it makes the Like Like spit you out faster. Feel free to join the discord server :) you'll get a lot more help there... You can also post clips there too, so we can take a look at whats happening!


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I see, I guess I'm not standing at the right position. Thanks a lot!

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4 months ago

Your shield will get eaten every time if you don't touch the controls while you're in the Like Like. You need to press literally anything on the controller, the more things you press, the faster you get out, and if you get out fast enough, your shield won't get eaten