Weird glitch - starting game with chicken
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Weird glitch - starting game with chicken
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So I was doing any% ace when I accidentally selected the wrong file to play on so I switched my gameboy color off and back on really fast. I do this because my save battery is dead and I try to keep some of the file names. But when I got back on, I started the game with a chicken following me around. Idk if this is a known glitch but I assume it has to do with the hardware.

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Never heard of this specifically with the rooster but it is known that savefiles can be corrupted on rare occasion with certain flags being set by mistake. For example, the sword being missing from the beach or things like that. From what I understand it usually happens if you reset the console as you save but other things (like faulty hardware perhaps) might also play a factor.

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Yeah I cleaned the cartridge afterwards and nothing has happened since

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