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6 months ago
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Since the new game bow emulator dropped for the Switch Link's Awakening is playable in Switch. You should probably add that to the platforms.


Switch GB emulation utilizes the 1.2-version of the game, in which most bugs have been fixed. That's why it's highly unlikely anyone will ever do a serious speedrun with it. I'm sure though that, once there will be actual runs done with that platform, that the mods will add Switch/VC as an option to choose.

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Adding on to Bamboo's comment, my understanding is Switch uses the same emulation as the 3DS VC, which is known to run at different speeds from GBC (I think the Donkey Kong Country community did research into this). That being the case, we don't want to allow these if they'll give people an unfair advantage, and since they use LADX 1.2 nobody has been too interested in testing them out anyway.

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Why not add a subcategory for Virtual Console runs like the DKC leaderboards did?


We tend to have category/rule changes be based on activity. So if we had a bunch of people doing runs on VC and wanting to submit, we'd have to consider it, but as it is now we don't have enough activity to warrant it.

As noted, VC has LADX 1.2, which is missing most of the glitches we use in every category except Glitchless, so on top of the timing issues VC players wouldn't be able to use most of the routes that exist without using homebrew (which is another bag of worms).

So I dunno, maybe if there's more activity in the future we may be able to add it for the Glitchless boards at least, but it would be more questionable for other boards.

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