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Added a new game version to the versions column, This version is used for some changes in Dead Air and Cold Stream.

Changed up how the Fortnight Challenge category is displayed. There are now three, Fortnight Challenge (Unique), Fortnight Challenge (Stayin Alive), and Fortnight Challenge (Dash). Unique is for all mutations which use regular, tweaked gameplay and are on whole campaigns. Dash is specifically for maps using the Dash gametype. Stayin' Alive is specifically for maps using... well, guess. This sets it up in the future to add new Dash and Stayin' Alive maps easily, have proper Solo and Co-op subcategories which is much cleaner than before, and most importantly lets only Stayin' Alive use the reversed timing, where longer times are better. The two Fortnight Challenge categories which are currently inactive every two-week period will be moved to misc (currently Stayin Alive and Dash).



Big rule changes regarding addons!

Previously, all addons were banned except for survivor models, gun textures and models, and HUD elements (excluding the item radar). After some careful thought and discussion, the trigger has finally been pulled on banning the rest of the allowed addons listed above for many reasons such as the fact that a big, colorful survivor can make it easier to see a teammate stuck or specialed, you could change the grenade launcher model to make it easier to see (which is very relevant to co-op now), and so on. The rules now state that all addons are banned outright, which is far more simple, fair, and vanilla.

Further updated that section to now state that a live recording is required for all submissions (not a recording of demo playback) so that it can be confirmed no addons were used. This doesn't change any way we've been recording our runs for months, and prevents future abuse of hiding addons behind demo playback.

Added a list of allowed console commands that contains map, viewmodel, glow commands, and network commands, so it's clear what can be changed. More may be added if I forgot about any, but as of this writing that's what is on there.



Minor rule addition that you cannot switch Realism mode on or off during a run, you must commit to it when you start.



Added the "jointeam" command to the banned commands list.



Added language near the top of the rules that each individual campaign must be run continuously in a single server. Since the map command is allowed, this prevents abusing that command to launch a new server between levels to restore your health to full (and any other abuses we may not even have thought of).



Replaced the custom campaigns "Urban Flight" and "Detour Ahead" with "Dark Blood 2" and "Grey Scale". Both campaigns were replaced because of just awful RNG pathing things and situations that will cause an insane amount of resets for something pure RNG. Hopefully the two new campaigns goes much better and further changes won't be necessary.

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Added the command "report_entities" to the banned commands list. This command which looks to be server-only prints a complete list of all spawned items in the level which could enable you to know if something useful has spawned or not so you can save time not bothering to look for it. It was also made cheat-protected at some point as allows it, but newest does not.



Changed run obsoletion setting to "match any, any order" which now means that any run in which each individual player has a better PB than it, regardless of their player roster being different or not, will be obsoleted, which makes the leaderboards much cleaner now. Runs will only show if it is the PB of at least one of the runners involved.



Created a new game in the series for category extensions which you can see at

As of writing there aren't any categories or runs migrated there yet, but pretty much anything here that is custom content or isn't "legitimate" to the base game will be moved over there.



Created a new thread for general game rules which apply across all runs submitted unless otherwise specified in the rules popup for a category. This helps clean up our edit game page as well as make it so only different rules are shown in each category rather than 80% of it being the same pasted wall of text.



Finished moving everything relevant over to the category extensions leaderboard including the custom campaigns, so make sure to take a look over at if you want to get some action on Blastoff or some curated custom campaigns. Additionally, the old Fortnight Challenges are now permanently open there!



Added a small bit to the rules clarifying that you can't change game versions mid-run.

Updated from this, "You cannot switch Realism on or off mid-run, you must commit to what you started with."

To this, "You cannot toggle Realism nor change game versions mid-run, you must commit to what you started with."

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After community discussion, removed the rule that disallowed toggling realism on or off during a run, so you can now change it freely between campaigns. Since it hasn't been the idea for a while that a run takes place within a single server instance, banning the toggling of realism no longer made sense.