2021 Cycler: All 14 Campaigns

Order matches Charlastik's 2:38:04 (former) WR run. See if you need to know how to use this. (direct download)

By ImAciidz

Difficulty/level binds

Binds for Changing difficulty on the fly. Also binds for changing level. (direct download)

By BubbzBubbz

Single-key Campaign Voting Cycler Script

Enables a function that can be easily bound to any key which will call a vote for a new campaign in your chosen sequence and then prime that key to vote for the next campaign in sequence, with an easy way to change the campaign order by swapping their names in the script. Also features functions to reset the sequence and rotate it forwards or backwards. Two scripts included for the Main Campaigns and All Campaigns categories. (direct download)

By mr.deaglemr.deagle, TheMasterTheMaster




Blank Splits for the Main Categories

Includes separate, blank split files for all main categories in Solo and Co-op varieties spanning the Full-game Leaderboard and Level Leaderboard. Custom Campaigns not included yet. (direct download)

By TheMasterTheMaster

Splits for every level

(direct download)

By DelnDeln