New run idea
2 years ago
Colorado, USA

Could there be a category for tank runs? I think it would be perfect for running.

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There’s nothing special ig. It just looks the same as classic main campaigns or whatever

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Ottawa, ON, Canada

i think id rather die

New Jersey, USA

I assume you were the one who asked this in the speedrun discord, but if somehow you weren't, the answer is no. Tank run is basically the same thing as a normal campaign run except you're limited to running on the TLS patches which means most huge skips are blocked, and all of the normal holdout finales just run on 10 minute timers which means you're literally just gonna be running in circles for 10 minutes until the escape vehicle arrives. There is hardly any skill involved and it would be very boring (not only to watch, but to run as well).

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A category for rocketdude would be pretty nice.


it does exist Its in the extended categories

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