can the ban on passive mobs be avoided?
4 years ago
Pomorskie, Poland

I watched my speedrun which was erred and noticed that I accidentally damaged a passive mob with a boos in a full blood booty and this monster did not inflict damage on me, I discovered that it can inflict damage on me by switching on the equipment and reloading the gun I did not notice the speedrun recording but the result remains but I hope that you noticed this error and I will try to reload the gun faster so as not to accidentally cheat while taking speedrun. I sent again because I had an error in Title. Minute from 22:03 to 22:35

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Oh my, I think you misunderstood the glitch. Passive mobs glitch will not move, not follow you nor attack you, what you are doing in that part of the video is totally acceptable, so no worries.

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Pomorskie, Poland

I don't know how the passive mobs malfunction works, but when I saw that the monster in the bathroom didn't hurt me and then asked me, I thought I could cheat the malfunction but I can still check the malfunction and see in the new game whether it will attack me

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