Regarding crewds run
5 years ago

Since there has been some suspicion that @crewds used turbo / macros in his run, I want you to clarify at once if you did or not, since it is totally forbidden and considered an insult to other runners.

Tests have been done with different types of keyboards, and there is no way to skip texts as fast as you did.

Please respond as soon as possible.

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I spoke to Crewds in Twitter and we together decided (with Epica as well), that his time will be removed from the leaderboard.

If he comes back to the game he agreed to provide with a keyboard display. I also recommended him a hand cam for extra clarification and he seemed to be fine with that.

Thanks for driving this case further.

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Thank you too, btw, on steam, it says that this game runs on 32/64 bits system, but i´d tried to open it on a 32 bits computer and it doesn´t work.

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