Permitted skips/glitches?
4 months ago

Hey Sierra Fans!

I've been watching a few of these runs recently and although it's been a few years since I played through the CD version of KQ5, I'm keen to have a go!

I recall a way to skip some of the dialog by changing some params in the cfg file.

Is that valid under the rules of "All glitches and skips permitted" ?

Arizona, USA

Hi! No one's ever messed with the cfg file to my knowledge, and my gut feeling is that it wouldn't be allowed, but that's a discussion we could have. Do you remember what exactly you changed?


I fired up the game on my PC emulator now and tried it again.

On the first run, I did nothing. However, the CFG file was referencing an audio path other than the path where my game files were located. This resulted in the audio (speaking) sounds not playing and in some cases, sped along the scripted dialog animation wait times. Music still plays though.

My game did freeze up several times due to this glitch, but then I found a way to fix this by changing the sound drivers in the CFG file. Interestingly, I had different freezing results with this on ScummVm, DoxBox and pure PC hardware emulators.

I don't see how this would be a problem, as it's still an exploitable glitch within the game config and is something any user could do via the install.exe program back in the day.

Anyway, let me know what you think about submitting a run like this.

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Arizona, USA

Thanks for the response! I brought it up in the KQ Discord, and the majority thinking seems to be to make a new category for runs like this. Do you already have a recorded run?

Also, feel free to join the discord yourself:


Not yet, but I'll record one soon. I'm busy with a few other game runs to kick off my channel.

Thanks! I've joined.

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