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There are some Skips in the game, but they are very tricky.

The Harpies Skip (No example)

The Castle Grate Skip:

The Magic Book Reading Skip:

The Ice Queen Skip:

I don't think the Ice Queen Skip was ever known. I knew about the other 3 though. In terms of which ones are easier, Castle Grate Skip is the easiest, then Magic Book Reading Skip, then it's probably a tie between the Harpies Skip and Ice Queen Skip for being the hardest.

Sadly all of these Skips are Frame Perfect. A Mouse button isn't the only thing you want to mash. For Castle Grate Skip and Magic Book Reading Skip, mash Mouse and Enter Buttons together. For Harpies Skip and Ice Queen Skip, mash Mouse and Esc Buttons Together.

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I knew about the Queen Icebella and Harpies skips, but never could figure out what was going on. Are you sure it's simply a case of fast mashing? I tried reproducing the skips that way a fair number of times, but I've only ever had them happen like once or twice apiece. Like, ever. That makes me think something else is involved, like an emulation (I play on ScummVM) or rare in-game trigger error that somehow gets skipped, but there's no way for me to prove that with my very limited technical knowledge.

Illinois, USA

Suppose I should confirm: mashing does seem to be necessary for the grate skip, by attempting to use the crowbar as soon as you enter the screen (so, it probably needs to be pre-loaded from the previous screen).

It's the other skips I'm not convinced work that way. Probably some unusual scenario that prevents the voiced files or whatever in those scenarios from loading, or something like that. I really have no clue.

Michigan, USA

o.0 When you said Previous Screen I looked at my highlights again and I think you're right.

For the Book Skip I was already mashing before I fully enter the Screen(When I went back to test, I didn't do this) and the game already noticed my Input for the Book. So Because of that, it didn't give full control yet so the game went to go read the book, but sense full control is supposed to come first before clicking on anything, it loaded the screen control instead of the Book.

It might be the same for the Ice Queen as well as when testing, I only started mash when the Queen was about to start talking.

You might just need to start mashing on the screen that's before what you want to Skip. That might be the solution for all the Skips.

Illinois, USA

Hmm, could be. For the grate skip, I can occasionally see the crowbar cursor very briefly before it changes to the hourglass and Cedric does his dialogue (should happen automatically at screen entry), so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

Michigan, USA

Ok I did more testing and I got a frame perfect Click on the book. As soon as I went to the Screen with the Book, Graham instantly went to the book even before the loading mouse icon even appeared. Sadly, this did not do the Book Skip.

So this tells me that the mashing trick only works for the Crowbar. Something done in the game somehow messes with the coding of the game that makes the other Skips happen.

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