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3 years ago

Dear Moderators, I was actually wondering about Sora's story guides and rulesets. If they will be updated at one point in time. It's been 6 years since the last update was done (speeddemosarchive) but in ghostwheels tutorial from 4 years ago, he talked about updating the guide in the future from that point of time. Now that a lot of runners are about to/have retired playing this game, it would be a shame to let all the knowledge go. If there have been any changes, then the updates will help me and future runners out a lot if possible :)

Also thanks alot to mrzwanzig who has informed me on a lot of info the past week, before the race between him and ghostwheel happend at RPGlimitbreak 2021. (probably the best race there has ever been of this game) This race explained a lot and might be worth checking out if you are new.



Been a while but i figured i might aswell post the link of the race back then.

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Hey, I'm pretty sure the video tutorial I have posted in Guides is still largely good. Maybe the only thing it's missing is the Trickmaster strategy where you kill him on the ground without using the table. I haven't reviewed it in quire some time. If there's more that needs updating I can review it and make another, this game is hard to make notes for though, and the SDA knowledge base notes are very outdated for sure

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Hey Ghostwheel,

I've actually been watching the race and because you and MR zwanzig are both doing the race there is more then enough explenation with the old guide. I did recall some strats in the old guide /video to be out of date(could have been some beserk strats at ursula or some more), however if people use the race as a reference/guide it should be good enough.

Thanks for the reply :)

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Oh yeah Zwanzig did help by showing Overdrive Ursula was at least as good as berserk without being super risky. That is important, too, but hardly worth making another video over I think

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