is EMU allowed?
7 years ago
She/Her, They/Them
7 years ago

Wanted to ask because I have no other way to record this game in not shit quality. Also, since the rules aren't defined in riku's story, I was wondering when to stop timing. Is it the last hit, or the last cutscene skip, or something else? Thanks in advance for the help, looking to get a half way decent time in riku's story.

Illinois, USA

Emulators are allowed (I personally run on Emulator, even though I have yet to submit a recent PB for Sora's Story). I'm not quite sure when timing stops for Riku's story - I'd personally guess it's on the last hit of final Ansem, but I'd recommend watching another person's PB and seeing when they stop the timer to figure that out.

Edit: After watching the end of Cyber's record, it looks like timer stops on last hit.

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I uploaded an emulator pack to the resources for this game. It contains JP and English ROMs as well as two accepted emulators. I does not yet contain an R/R save so you'll have to playthough Sora's Story on your own to create one (I'll eventually get around to making one and uploading it).

Also, timing for the game is start on confirmation of a new game and end on last hit on boss. For what it's worth, every KH game has this timing aside from BBS which alters it's start time slightly.

Good luck and happy running.

She/Her, They/Them
7 years ago

Thanks, guys. I look forward to recording a run soon, but for now I can't access my laptop. I'll continue to practice on GBA until I get my laptop back.

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