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Hey everyone, I am thinking about getting into speedrunning this game and was wondering if you recommended either switch or PC. I don't know what the differences are and was wondering if someone can help me clear it up.


pc is much more customizable. you have more choices like what controller you want to use and you can use KZ tool and other things


i have a usb stick which i can use to make any controller applicable to my switch, those tools obviously would be a PC only thing tho... I mainly care about just learning the run and knowing some weird stuff which likely someone else has already figured out anyways. I might end up buying the game on both platforms which isn't that big a deal looking at the pricing. But I think I'll start with switch for now since I like being able to play it wherever I am. Thanks for your reply 🙂


KZ tool is a good application to warp to certain rooms, for better practice. But, other than that, any would do.

I would still recommend PC so that you can run Livesplit automatically


There is one area where switch struggles as compared to the PC, specifically the smoke, the game slows down when you use it. So the switch runners that I have seen have to adapt some of the strats to not use the smoke because it slows down the game. Which afaik isn't that big of a deal timewise, which might be like a second.

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Yeah... So erhm... is not just smoke, the game has frame drops on switch at certain moments when too much happens at the same time, like the 4 Rickeys in club neon for example. But a lot of other moments in the game as well. Especially on Hard Mode naturally. I wish someone had told me that before I bought it, since it is probably too minor to make a new category for (switch only), but apparent enough that you either feel like you are at a disadvantage or actually are. I like the game and can play it portable, I am still happy I bought it, but in speedrun sense no one would ever be on par with the top of the leaderboard playing on a switch. Let people know that next time. (I blame this more on the switch than on the game but sheesh, apparently this game is too heavy at certain scenarios for 3 gameboys ducttaped together, cough cough, a switch I mean.)


i am by no means a professional runner, but i have both the switch and pc versions and i can say i definitely prefer pc. easier to aim, too.