This spreadsheet is a community effort to find out what the best possible achievable time is for the category All Stages. Now updated! (external link)
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Tool for quickly changing rooms (external link)
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a sheet for the leaderboards of meme / informal categories that don't belong on the main page. Made by the community, moderated by the community. (external link)
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This includes the unlocking of speedrun mode, secret boss and all 5 lab swords. Instructions on using these are in the readme. (direct download)
Contains splits, layouts, and icons for All Stages (+Speedurn), Psychotherapy (+Speedrun) and Golden Ending (Full run only), all pre-configured with autosplitter. MAKE SURE STUDIO IS ORDERED LIKE YOU WANT IT TO BEFORE DOING A RUN. Correct anything that doesn't suit you. Also make sure history & everything is cleared. It's possible some IL splits have issues, like Dragon and Psychotherapy. @Fivda_ on twitter if you have questions. --------------------------------------------------- V4 NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------------- Subsplits categories were configured by YIS and Kainalo. (direct download)