Question regarding mouse wheel bind rule
4 months ago


In the rules it is stated, "Using a third party application to rebind the mouse wheel to an in-game keybind, or to bind more than two keys to a single input, is banned."

I currently have a side mouse button set to quick restart. Does this violate the rule? The wording is not clear on other mouse buttons, to be clear it is my only button for quick restart and it is not mouse button + another. I have yet to submit a run but plan on doing so when I achieve one I'm satisfied with, but I want to make sure I'm doing so in accordance with the rules to not come across as dishonest. I am still fairly new to the game.

Thanks for your time.


What you quoted earlier:

Mouse wheel rebinds (so that you can quickly mash an input) or make 1 button do 2 things at the same time

Rebinding a mouse button to just do 1 action is fine.


Good to know. Thank you for the quick reply.