Random Crashes
7 years ago
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Anyone has a tip to minimize the chance of random crashes? (Not talking about the crashes after mecha-birdo, motherbrain, in 10km, etc...)

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Launch the game in Windows 98/95 mode compatibility. That reduces 95% of the crashes. To skip the rest (those that happen always when dying after killing bosses) you can just save, hit F2 and reload the save quickly. (EDIT: actually some very rare freezes will still happen.)

@ArtismExpert maybe it's just that people don't know answer to your question?

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The rule set for the Glitchless category was created long time ago (I wasn't part of the community so I have no idea how/why/when). Disabling sound is not allowed because it causes Dracula cutscene skips which I assume is considered a glitch (I'm pretty much guessing here, as I mentioned I don't know much about how the rule set was created).

Also this is very off the topic.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Which rule was it you were questioning, @ArtismExpert? I wasn't around when the ruleset was originally made, either, but I have a decent grasp on things.

Also yeah, what Tesivonius says about the crashes. Running in Windows 98 compatibility can be found by right clicking the game icon and going into properties. It'll fix those pesky random crashes. Very rarely now do I ever run into them and I've been running like that for years now.

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