Questions about the rules of No Major Glitches
2 years ago

I want to do an IWBTG speedrun, but there is very little information, so mainly I wanted to know a couple of things about the rules.

1 - No 'E+N+D', 'D+`', or 'K': I don't know what any of this means, but only when I press k I can see a message about a file, so I suppose as long as I don't press anything weird there would be no problem, and I also suppose the same about No title screen warps (i.e. f+8).

2 - No Metroid/Save Warps: Here I can suppose 2 things, one is the weird things that happens in the any%, where in metroid you can skip bowser fight and also directly fight to dracula, that are forbidden in this category, and the other thing I can suppose is that you cannot save jump in the section before metroid to save a few seconds in the way to fight bowser, It makes more sense to me that the rule refers to the first one, but I wouldn't want to accidentally break a rule either.

3 - Infinite bullets are allowed: I think that this rule is very clear, but in the third part of the bowser fight if you active the infinite bullets glitch you can defeated more quicly, so it is strange to me that anyone do that, so I want to know if it is really legal to do that.

And that's all! I apologize in advance if I said something weird because English is not my first language.

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E+N+D, D+ and K are used to immediatly finish some boss fights, thats why its banned

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