FPS manipulation -- questionable strat.
6 months ago

Not sure what to think about this. You just press Left Alt + Space for the window menu to pop up, which reduces the FPS to around 30. With keybindings that don't mess with the Windows shortcuts, you could play as normal with clear advantages, and toggle it easily. You could even do crazy stuff like in the vid below under good circumstances. Thoughts?


Cool trick, unfortunately it's not allowed in a speedrun


Thanks for the response. Loved your quick kill guide in the guides section, very informative stuff. Respectfully, is this just your opinion or the community consensus? I'm aware that resizing the window would be an example of an unspoken rule for this game, but affecting the FPS doesn't seem to fall into the same category. Is the in-game option also disallowed, even though the rules make no mention of it?


The trade-off is that the game runs slower. You also couldn't do this without the "Button 4" glitch and some intense mashing. Virtually impossible to pull off in a speedrun.


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

It's a bit of a tricky one to allow. Since we're already disallowing window manipulation to glitch bullets through walls, which while not identical follows a similar logic of how the game reacts to out-of-game manipulation. Changing the fps in game via options is not allowed either, which could reasonably fall in a similar territory to this.

I apologize if I sounded like I thought it was solely under my authority, if the general consensus is that it's fine I'd likely fold fairly quickly :)

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