Hollow Knight speedrun setup (March 2023)
Hollow Knight speedrun setup (March 2023)
Updated 6 months ago by Seikent

There are other guides for the same purpose, but they are partially out of date, which can be particularly frustrating due to the incompatible versions of the components needed.

Lep created two videos taking this issue into consideration that should guide you to the correct places to find the latest updates and the general steps in the setup.

Downpatching and create clean separate installations:

Installing mods for practice:

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Rule Change: Title Screen Timestamp

Title screen may now be shown at any point during a run, so long as you add a timestamp with your submission. IL runs are unaffected.

You may resubmit runs rejected under the old ruling if you wish for them to be verified.

Video evidence must show the Title Scre

2 months ago