Any% NMG Shade Soul Route (Unfinished)
Any% NMG Shade Soul Route (Unfinished)
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#Accompaniment Video


#About This Guide Welcome to the Any% Current Patch NMG Shade Soul Route guide! The purpose of this guide is to introduce people to an easier route for the any% category. It bypasses a few of the harder sections of the tradition any% route with shade soul including: devouts, infected crossroads, bosses, and petra arena. It is in total ~7 minutes slower.

Many of the splits are the exact same as the traditional routes except for the few where we need to take a detour and pick up Shade Soul, and the fact that we will actually have Shade Soul in the late game. Splits marked with (same) use the exact same movement and route.

This guide will have links to almost every optional trick/optimization that you can perform, though 95% of them are optional. Each split will also have a video of me performing it, but keep in mind that these videos will almost always feature imperfections in movement and execution. If you want a truly optimized example, watch world record runs for (same) splits.

In general, I recommend this guide to anyone who wants to learn how to speedrun but is too overwhelmed to learn the standard any% route which is insanely difficult. It is common for people to want to get nail 1 when they start, but getting a nail upgrade is so minuscule that, for many new players, it is actually faster to get Shade Soul and make up the time by dying less.

Good luck in learning Any% CP Shade Soul. Speedrunning is a personal journey about self-improvement, so make sure to enjoy every moment of it!

#How to Learn If you don't want to read the entire guide (it is insanely long), I recommend watching a full run and just copying movement. This guide has videos for each split linked, but know that there are many imperfections. Watch world record runs or ComSoBs for (same) splits for better-optimized gameplay. Once you know the route, here is a general progression as to how you should optimize your time:

Killing Bosses 1st Try -> Major Skips -> Killing Bosses Fast -> Minor Skips -> Cleaner Movement

For practicing, everyone has a different approach as to how you should learn. The order above is a good place to start. Install the debug mod and benchwarp and practice single segments of the run that you are losing a lot of time on. For example, if you are dying to Watcher Knights, practice that fight over and over until its first try. Watching other people is also really useful. It is hard to figure out what you are doing wrong unless you know what is right. Last tip, take breaks! Your brain learns and organizes info when you are sleeping, so just thinking about the game can help!


It is important to note that this run and guide are tailored for patch All Current Patch categories allow any patch from or newer (as of 7/5/21). Though the differences are minor, (Watcher Knight backroll and freeze frame changes), it is easier and more recommended to use, especially since you don't have to "downpatch" in the traditional sense as you would for 1.5 to This is because the Steam version of Hollow Knight allows you to redownload straight off of the client.

To do this, right click on Hollow Knight in your library and select Properties. Go to the Betas tab on the left. Then, select and you can download it. Note, ignore the section about beta codes.

#Vengeful Spirit (same) Video


  1. Get through King's Pass normally 1.5. Optionally: King's Pass Softfall, Inventory Hardfall Cancel
  2. Jump through Dirtmouth
  3. Head left after the well and down the Gruzzer room into the Aspid Arena 3.5. Optionally: Current Patch Inventory Drop, Aspid Spike Kill
  4. Head right, then up to Stag Station, then left to False Knight Arena 4.5: Optionally: Statue Pogo
  5. Phase False Knight (13 hits) and break the left wall
  6. Get Vengeful Spirit


#Greenpath (same) Video


  1. Finish Ancient Mound as normal
  2. Get full soul in the Gruzzer room and go to Greenpath
  3. Kill the Elder Baldur and enter Greenpath


#Mothwing Cloak (same) Video


  1. Gather soul as you head left
  2. Either squit pogo or fireball skip to where you first meet Hornet
  3. Keep going left and gather soul for Moss Knight Quick Kill 3.5. Optionally: Husk Pogo, Fireball Skip
  4. Kill the Moss Knight and go up to Vengefly King
  5. Kill Vengefly King. Ideally, you should have 220 geo 5.5. Optionally: Vengefly King Quick Kill
  6. Gather soul on your way to Hornet and fight her
  7. Pick up dash.

Hornet Tips Fight Example Learn how to punish her attacks. You should avoid using soul to heal and instead for fireballs. A fireball does 15 whereas nail does 5. Hornet staggers every 6 hits. After staggering, she will always jump (short or long is random) and you can punish it with 3 nail swings and a fireball. When Hornet throws her needle, she will reset her stagger count. When she throws her needle, you can mini hop in and do a nail fireball nail, jump over the needle and do another nail fireball nail. Ofc if you don't have the soul, you can do straight nail hits.


#Mantis Claw (same) Video


  1. Head to Fungal Wastes from the Aspid Arena
  2. Drop down the vertical room and then right towards Mantis Village
  3. Run past Cloth and then left and down away from the City Crest Room 3.5. Optionally: Explosion Pogo, Mantis Pogo
  4. Get Mantis Claw


#Gruz Mother Video


  1. Get three relics at [these locations] then save quit
  2. Purchase Crossroads Stag and bench 2.5. Optionally: Skurry Look Down
  3. Stag to Dirtmouth and get [this relic] in the well then save quit 3.5. Optionally: Pause Early Control
  4. Get some soul and kill Gruz Mother


#Dream Nail (same) Video


  1. Purchase Shaman Stone
  2. Save Sly, taking two damage on your way in, and three on your way out
  3. Shade Skip to Blue Lake
  4. Hit the lever and examine the statue/Get Dream Nail


#Lemm Video

Description Brace yourself this is a loooong split

  1. Backtrack out of Resting Grounds and head right. Go down the elevator. 1.5. Optionally: Seer Skip
  2. Gather 6 soul. Pick up the Wanderer's Journal and kill the three husks for their geo with 2 fireballs
  3. Head into King's Station and pick up [this relic] above the stag, then bench at the stag for a save quit. Note that it is faster to not damage tank on spikes.
  4. Kill Gorgeous Husk and the husks before it.
  5. Head up the elevators and perform Spire Pogo. You do NOT need to hit the lever to the left. You can reset the room and retry Spire Pogo if you mess up.
  6. Try to avoid taking the safety bench to the left as it means you have to walk all the way back to King's Station later on. Kill the row of husks at the top with one fireball. The husk sentry will take another nail swing. Below them is one big fat husk which you can use to farm some soul. Drop down and kill the Great Husk Sentry and Winged Sentry.
  7. In the top right, hit the lever, and then exit. Head to the left, jumping over the Great Husk Sentry and some other sentries. Keep going left. Hit the lever and open the gate. After the bridge connecting two spires, drop down.
  8. Go to the left past a Heavy Sentry and pick up Rafters Seal at the very top of a few platforms. Head back to Lemm and finally sell everything. You should have 2950 geo at the very least.
  9. Save quit back to King's Station. Purchase the stag and stag back to Dirtmouth. 9.5. Optionally: Skurry Look Down


  • Seer Skip
  • Gorgeous Husk Quick Kill
  • Spire Pogo (tbd)
  • Great Husk Sentry Quick Kill
  • Skurry Look Down

#Lumafly Lantern Video


  1. Bench at Dirtmouth
  2. Buy Lumafly Lantern from Sly

#Crystal Heart [Video]

Description 0. Bench at Dirtmouth (if you didn't do it before buying lantern)

  1. Stag to Forgotten Crossroads
  2. Enter the dark room and purchase the toll to get into Crystal Peaks 2.5. Optionally: Skurry Look Down
  3. Head up and get the Shopkeeper's Key 3.5. Optionally: Pogaxe
  4. Go up and to the right. Then, there will be three drops. Get Crystal Heart 4.5. Optionally: Homothety Fireball, Crystal Heart Fast Cycle
  5. Save quit back to Dirtmouth


  • Skurry Look Down
  • Pogaxe
  • Homothety Fireball
  • Crystal Heart Fast Cycle

#Shade Soul [Video]


  1. Talk to Sly and purchase the Elegant Key
  2. Stag to King's Station.
  3. Crystal dash at this spot to avoid all enemies through City of Tears
  4. Head into the Watcher's Spire again and do Spire Pogo.
  5. Take the bench in Watcher's Spire and head up and then to the left towards Soul Sanctum.
  6. Kill the first Soul Twister as you enter soul sanctum who takes on fireball and 3 nail hits. You do NOT need all the geo. For the rest of the run, we only need 250.
  7. Head to the left and use the Elegant Key. Kill the Soul Warrior by trying to get as many doubles as possible. You do NOT need all the geo from the Soul Warrior. For the rest of the run, we only need 250.
  8. Get Shade Soul then Save Quit back to the bench in Watcher's Spire.

Soul Warrior Tips Fight Example I recommend taking care of the follies as soon as they spawn. They die in one fireball or three nail hits. Depending on how familiar you are with the fight, you can use them to gather soul then unleash fireballs on the Soul Warrior going for doubles. Alternatively, you can try to use your fireballs to kill the follies and hit the Soul Warrior. Soul Warrior has three moves. You can jump and pogo his dash. You can sidestep or dash for his plunging attack, then turn around and nail fireball or nail nail fireball. You can jump and dash over his soul blast, then dodge it when it boomerangs back.

#Watcher Knights (same) [Video]


  1. Go up after save quitting. If possible, try to gather three soul. One from a cowardly husk that you can pogo on, and two from the Winged Sentry guarding an elevator.
  2. Break the breakable ceiling hiding a chandelier either with a fireball or your nail. Drop the chandelier.
  3. Dream nail the Watcher Knights before the fight starts for full soul. You can also get a dream nail on the Watcher Knight as they spawn in.

Watcher Knight Tips Fight Example For the first Knight, stick close to him so he does his triple nail slash. Dash over him and do nail fireballs as he slashes the other side. You can get 3 hits in before having to jump over him again. Fireball him whenever he jumps and rolls. When the Watcher Knight does the rolling attack, you can shoot a fireball in the direction he is rolling and get triple hits. When there are two Watcher Knights, use your fireballs to hit both of them. You want them as close together as possible so you can control both of their AI's and punish.

#Uumuu (same) [Video]

Description 0. Murder Lurien in his sleep. You do not need to pick up the rewards for WK. Do get some of the geo chest if you aren't at 250. Anything more than that is unnecessary.

  1. Backtrack all the way to back to King's Station the way you came. Use this location to Crystal Dash all the way across the large room left of King's Station.
  2. Stag back to Dirtmouth, and head down the well. Go left and drop down the Gruzzer room. 2.5. Optionally: Pause Early Control
  3. Go to the left of where Cornifer usually is and perform Forgotten Crossroads Acid Skip. You can use the Aspid Mother to farm infinite soul., but it is slow.
  4. Drop all the way down Fog Canyon and go left to the Teachers Archive. There is a safety bench there. 4.5. Optionally: Trinomi Drop
  5. Kill Uumuu. I would suggest getting comfortable with killing Uumuu in 3 cycles atleast. 2 cycles with Shade Soul is super doable, but you don't need to push yourself to learn it. 1 Cycle is also possible but becomes a little rng.

Uumuu Tips Fight Example - 1 Cycle | Fight Example - 2 Cycle Uumuu has a slow attack and a fast attack. He will become vulnerable after three attacks for the first cycle, then two attacks for every other cycle. Randomly (and also fps dependent), he will do an extra attack for that cycle. His movement will become slow when Quirrel is about to slash him. Try to get a dream nail in between attacks and especially during fast attacks for soul. You can evade his slow attack by just walking and jumping. You can evade his fast attack by going to the middle platform which will have a safe location, or one of the two lowest platforms on each side of the arena. Try to empty your entire soul meter during each phase since you can usually get 2 or 3 dream nails per cycle.


  • Pause Early Control
  • Forgotten Crossroads Acid Skip
  • Trinomi Drop

#Deepnest Spa (slower route) (same) [Video]

Description 0. Murder Monomon in her sleep

  1. Head out of Teacher's Archives and go to the left where there is a breakable wall.
  2. Drop down through Fog Canyon into Queen's Station. Crystal dash across Queen's Station and into Fungal wastes. Cancel Crystal Dash at the first room transition below you.
  3. Head to the left and into the room with a pool of acid. On the other side, there is a breakable wall. 3.5 Optionally: Pick up Spore Shroom below the pool of acid. This makes the THK fight super easy because it is glitched on patch Note that it is not as fast as traditional any% since we have Shade Soul already.
  4. Head to the left until you reach the edge and turn around. The ground will break. Enter Deepnest.
  5. Follow the route down to Deepnest Spa. You can optionally take the bench and/or sit in the Spa for some soul.

#Trap Bench (slower route) (same) [Video]

Description No notable checkpoints. Follow the route to get to Beasts Den, then sit on Trap Bench. If you want some movement options, look at Fireb0rn's guide for room-by-room tricks.

#Queen's Garden (faster route) (same) [Video]

Description 0. Murder Monomon in her sleep

  1. Head out of Teacher's Archives and go to the left where there is a breakable wall.
  2. Perform Queen's Garden Acid Skip
  3. Dash to the room transition then Crystal Dash into the transition.


#Trap Bench (faster route) (same) [Video]


  1. Get 7 hits of soul while making your way to the Petra Arena
  2. Die in Petra Arena and cry
  3. Go down through a platforming section to hit a lever
  4. Drop down and then go left through a long platforming section with petras to a Deepnest entrance, gathering soul wherever possible
  5. Drop through two vertical rooms and then Crystal Dash to the left on this platform


  • Fireb0rns Petra Arena Strat

#Herrah (same) [Video]

Description This place sucks. General tips for wall spiders are try to get under them then jump and pogo. Here, I HIGHLY recommend watching Fireb0rns Herrah split guide as he goes in detail for every single spider. With shade soul, devouts die in 3 fireballs so just come in with nine soul and murder the first one. If you don't have enough soul to comfortably kill the first one, there is a breakable ground on the right with two spiders that will provide 6 soul. Gather soul on small spiders as you make your way to Herrah to kill the last devout. For some reason, the last devout has a really high chance to get double hit, so if you make it to the last one with 6 soul, pray.

#Hollow Knight (same) [Video]


  1. Buy the Deepnest Stag and stag to Dirtmouth
  2. Drop down the well and go right to the Black Egg Temple 2.5. Optionally: Pause Early Control
  3. KIll The Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Tips - Shaman Stone Fight Example

Hollow Knight Tips - Spore Shroom Fight Example

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