*How to LiveSplit & Autosplit for Newbies
*How to LiveSplit & Autosplit for Newbies
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If you are new to speedrunning Hollow Knight, please be sure to read through this guide thoroughly to ensure your setup is correct. If you are not recording your loadless time properly, then your run cannot be considered on any of the leaderboards, so if you're not sure what to do, follow the steps below.

There is now a program to automatically generate splits files for various speedrunning categories. To use this, visit https://hksplitmaker.com/ and follow the instructions or view the video tutorial! This is recommended for beginners.

[big](1)[/big] Download and extract LiveSplit. Download link.

[big](2)[/big] Open LiveSplit. You should see a timer with "0.00". Right click on it and select Edit Splits.

If you used hksplitmaker, instead click Open Splits > From File and find the split file, then skip to step 5.

[big](3)[/big] In the Splits Editor, fill out your Game Name and Run Category. Create splits by using the Insert buttons on the left. Viewing runs from other players may be helpful in deciding which splits to create. Example.

[big](4)[/big] After typing in Hollow Knight as the Game Name, the auto splitter should automatically be detected. Activate it and click on Settings. In this window, we set up triggers for each split. Every time we reach one of the triggers that we set, LiveSplit will automatically move on to the next split for us. Therefore, for each split you added earlier, you need to add the corresponding trigger. Click "Add Split" in the top left for each split you added earlier, and then find the triggers within the drop down boxes. If your category ends with killing Hollow Knight, you do not need to worry about adding this trigger, as the Autosplitter will automatically split at that point. When finished, hit OK to exit the Autosplitter and then OK to exit the Splits Editor. Example.

[big](5)[/big] Right click on your timer again and select Edit Layout this time.

[big](6)[/big] Feel free to skip this step if you want to design your own layout. In the Layout Editor, hit the + Button and add a Title, a Separator, Splits, a Detailed Timer, Previous Segment, and Sum of Best Segments. When finished, hit OK to exit the Layout Editor. Example. (Note: You no longer need "Hollow Knight Autosplitter" in the layout.)

[big](7)[/big] Right click on LiveSplit and under Compare Against, select Game Time.

[big](8)[/big] Right click on LiveSplit and create save files for both your Splits and Layout.

[big](9)[/big] Right click on Livesplit and select Settings. Take note of the hotkeys and make changes if desired. Ensure that the Global Hotkeys option is checked, as this will allow you to use the hotkeys while your Hollow Knight window is in focus.

[big](10)[/big] It's time to test it out. With your LiveSplit open, start a new game of Hollow Knight. If your timer automatically begins and briefly pauses a couple of times as the game loads up, you're good. Have fun on your run!

That's it. If everything worked out, you may next decide to liven up your LiveSplit by making changes to the Layout Settings in the Layout Editor. Some also prefer to have a second timer to track their realtime speed as well. You can do this by creating a second timer in the Layout Editor, and in its settings, changing the Timing Method to Real Time.

If you have read through this thoroughly and have any problems, please ask us on the discord and you should be helped promptly.


Q. Why is my loadless timer not functioning, my timer lagging, or why has my timer not started up when I select new game? A. Make sure you open LiveSplit after starting Hollow Knight. Try restarting LiveSplit. If that doesn't work, try restarting Hollow Knight and then LiveSplit. If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer.

Q. Why don't any of my hotkeys work? A. Make sure you have Global Hotkeys enabled under settings.

Q. Why are there so many empty splits / so much empty space in my layout? A. In your layout editor, double click splits. Find the total splits setting and reduce it to the amount of splits you want to have displayed at any given time.

Q. Why does my autosplitter not automatically split on certain splits, or why does my autosplitter split randomly? A. Double check that you are on the correct patch, as these glitches sometimes occur on later patches. If you cannot solve any of these errors with the autosplitter, contact @DevilSquirrel in the discord. Also, ensure that you know what your "Undo Split" hotkey is in the settings in case it is needed.

Q. I only have one monitor and want to use LiveSplit on the same screen. How do I do that? A. Enable Windowed mode in Hollow Knight by hitting Alt+Enter; alternatively, you can use the -popupwindow launch option in Steam. To do so, right click Hollow Knight in your Library, and go to Properties, then General. Add "-popupwindow" in the Launch Options, omitting the double quotes.

If you have any other problems, try running LiveSplit as an administrator.


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