My post regarding Crash% in Full game.
1 month ago

In my opinion, the world record strategy for Crash% should be banned due to it litterally taking no skill, and you don't even play the game in the first place, so there is no point in allowing it.

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Real, at least death% you play the game, for crash all you do is press 5 button on menu


but you need to take into account the fact that speedrun consists mainly of bugs, and the crash of the world record is a bug that can be fixed by developers.

@Barnian And? You don’t physically play the game. If that’s the case then what’s the point in using that strat in the first place.

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it might at some point. that's all i can really say since this is one of those categories we forgot and don't care about lol

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also as an extra note, we do sometimes discuss stuff that shouldn't be used or allowed in runs in the discord server. it's not often we do that, but we mostly only consider it if the category is essentially relevant enough.


Pov death% should be deleted cause it's stupid