My Stupidest Category Ideas
24 days ago

Please tell someone not to add these.

-Open All Doors

-Edge of the World

-Beat The Game With All Fears


-10 Flings

-All OOB Achievements

Istg if these are added.

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the 3rd one is the most reasonable but it's pointless and isn't any different from a regular run other than the fact that you have to do fear market.


I like 2 and 4 the most

I didn't say that they should be added.

Also Full Game with Cutscenes. (Pointless)

Imagine I make an unofficial category extension and I add these categories. Someone tell me not to do this.

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i like 2 the most


i'll speedrun Edge Of The World if they add it

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Open all doors seems easy. I'll do it


I hope these categories will be added

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@NixkOff it's kinda easy, but it depends if you need to open door in a specific act, or you need to open in every act.

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eh, edge of the world is like top of the world in the sense you have to reach a certain point/border of the world that's super far out of the way (basically horizontal instead of vertical). still not getting added though.

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also @Jamestack if you genuinely thought that these were stupid ideas why'd you even make a forum about it lol

@AmazinCris I think the answer is: Why not?

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i guess so

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