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Hi everyone, 1st time playing Half Life 2, i'm wanting to speedrun it afterwards if it works on my PC while using OBS!(It works fine so far without OBS). Anyways to the main point. In my speedrun I don't want to do any form of glitches, no voidclips, propclips or any other glitches. So what category would this be that's available on the leaderboards?

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Unfortunately there is no category like that, but you can try the Half-Life 2 Modded Category Extensions if you want something more different

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The closest you're gonna get is new engine no prop clipping or save deletion any% ( As Gontt said though, there is no category exactly like what you are looking for.

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Yeah, glitchless would be too unpopular to be made as a category. Aside from one person, I don't remember anyone doing it recently.

And Captain-No-Beard answered it correctly, that's the closest you can get from these leaderboards.

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