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Hey speedrunners,

i wanned to ask how to install and play Half-Life upside down with the speedrun settings so i can bunnyhop.
I've created a folder in Half-Life directory and unpacked the files that i've got from moddb.
I start the "upside down" game from steam. i write in the console "exec game.cfg; map c1a0; skill 3"
but it just doesn't work. its just a normal game.
any help?

btw i couldnt find any tutorial on how to install this mod so i dont even know if i did it right or not please help.



The maps are not flipped. Only upside down view and reverse gravity. A big thanks to YaLTeR for modding the physical ability to walk and jump in the ceiling.
sv_gravity -800;cl_pitchup 270;cl_pitchdown -90;m_yaw -0.022