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Hey guys. I kinda want to get into this game as a speedgame because i really like the game and i like how the speedruns look + the movement and high skillcap

Kind of dont know where to start because theres a ton of little things. What i noticed is that most of the timesave and skipping certain parts/go thru it way faster comes down to like your movement, so i think maybe i should like start with learning the route and practicing like bhopping and proplaunching (wrong term, but you hopefully know what i mean). I have very little experience bhopping and i dont have the version that is the best for doing it. Unsure the best way to practice this and knoe if im doing it properly in hl1.

Just need some guidance i think. Thanks


Hey mondomantra,
Check out Resources tab ( for HL packages commonly used for speedrunning (2005 or Goldsrc ones).
Also search for some tutorials on YouTube made by the community (especially d0t, qckdth, alexh0we and Tryedz).
You can use 'crossfire' map for practicing bhops and c1a1c map for practicing object boosts.
My advice is to learn the route (by watching runs or tutorials) and just finish the game, without trying the most advanced strats and no matter what time it is going to be. The game itself is full of tricky moments which you can improve on. With time, your PB will get lower gradually.
Check out SourceRuns Discord server (, feel free to ask there for more help. Good luck!

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