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New Sticky: GoldSrc leaderboards verification rules updateSuper modexecut4ble
New 2.1 GoldSrc Package crashingfunch
New My livesplit timer and ingame timer is differentstargame25
New Crosshairs with trip mine?funch
New Losing speed between levelsstargame25
New Can someone help with the timer.sukabletaskis
New Looking for some explanationmrshykid
New Bhop patternstargame25
New Unwritten rules?EddWardG
New can't push cart in first levelBopBop
New GameCrashingsleepy
New Can't run half life properlydefaultxd
New I need helpRaym3x
New New tutorial in the making?Flauke
New FPSmik1
New Demo renderingmalloc_
New This may sound dumb but whats bxt ducktap?DoNotErase_666
New Are these commands allowed in scripted?DoNotErase_666
New Steam hlDoNotErase_666
New WON or SteamApplesapple
New Help, I can't run the game anymore!Applesapple
New Anomalous MaterialsCattlet
New Bxt timerDoNotErase_666
New Hazard course shooting range skipDoNotErase_666
New Half-Life NohBoard LayoutDoNotErase_666
New Comprasion with musiczdoroviy_antony
New Mouse sens keeps bugging out(is it mouse smoothing?)BluMage
New im gonna be that asshole,Racingmonster
New Getting stuck after loading screens?ovnize
New Having some problems trying to record my runs.REID
New How to do damage boost ?LezyXD
New Toggle bind helpCloudy
New error :\Bomj_Kolyadun
New how do you bhopdraftedgaming
New How do you avoid Lambda Door softlock?BluMage
New Scripted and ScriptlessFlyingMonkey
New Freescroll Mouse tech & Mouse purchase (thx for advice)qckdth
New Weird fps dropsLudoF4
New Random Fps dropsCharlescharles
New Introduction + Question about getting on the leadboards!Charlescharles
New Bunnyhop practice mapNEZ
New GoldSRC (HL Won with BunnymodXT) on a Macqckdth
New Boost ProblemRustyShark
New Gonarch bugged regardless of tactisCharlescharles
New Menu ButtonsNB2
New NPCs will not open doors for mememer
New Demo Crashed? + Question about loadtimesCharlescharles
New I need help... WTFDeadShot
New Why there doesn't need to be a separate category for Hard and
New I need helpLandoro
New Gonarch buganteante
New HL WON on win10qckdth
New HL1 softlockTeMP
New Visible triggersplays_melee_a_lot
New Upcoming SpeedrunnerRocket117
New satchels not workingredc
New IHDhavenoimagination
New Scrub Surface Tension grenade-jump stratsMhmd_FVC
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