Any way to Remove Load Times?
6 years ago
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Since the Class% runs are getting more and more competitive, I was wondering if we could consider cutting out load times between maps. I'm not sure how it would work logistically, but it might help times be more consistent between runners.


i guess they are in because of good video cutting cound make 3 good runs in a row, which were not realy in a row. if you have problems in loading screen its your own problem... there are other games that has also loadingscreens and depends on pc they are longer or smaller and noone askes there, because they are in the game. noone thinks hey lets pause the timer while the loadingzone ;)


thats my opinion

Idaho, USA

I could go on.

Most PC games remove load times, because it makes the game a more even playing field. Speedrunning should be a test of skill. Not a test of who has the fastest computer. Were getting to the point where 5-10 seconds are seperating class% runs, and a good 20 seconds of the run is load screens. If I take 20 seconds to load and new person X takes 30 seconds, but they're 5 seconds faster at the ACTUAL run (not including load times) that means they don't get the WR even though they play better than me.

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your correct at all points, still the issue that you can cheat if you only count the ingame value.

we could do it like this: you need to have a timer over all but the 3 added ingame times are the time to beat (run 1 4,03min, run 2 5,05min, run 3 4,20 min so you are at 13min28sek) and the timer is only to confirm its 3 runs in a row that would be fine for me

Idaho, USA

All of those games use a load time remover from livesplit. You have the same timer going the entire time but the program cuts out the loading time and pauses it automatically the frame the load starts. I don't know how difficult it is to set up but it wouldn't require any editing or multiple timers. We'd just need someone to set the loadless timer up in livesplit.


yea if you can setup it :P ^^

for the example i did speedrun the witness ... then darkid comes and made autoslpits for it ... yea it was realy cool and so... so if you program something like that, that finds out when the ingame starts etc i am fine with it . :D

i dont have a clue where and i guess blizzard dont like it when you search in the database of the game ... ;)

so first you need the okay from blizzard to do this, then you need one that can do this :D so i believe my previous ideo with the ingame timer is easier and also compatible to the levelruns ;)


Outsider input, just use IGT, and add them up, but use a SS video as proof/submission and replays. This is the way Mike Tyson Punch Out does it, and some other games. If it really comes down to fraction of seconds, it is easy to load up all replays and take an accurate meassurements up to the fraction of a second.

Indeed using RTA is a really, really, dumb move, better pc = better time.

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Done, adjusted