[UPDATED] Advanced Speedrun Tutorial

More insight into the run (external link)

By KPCzombieKPCzombie

[UPDATED] Speedrun Guide

The basic route and how to do all the tricks (external link)

By KPCzombieKPCzombie




Bioshock All Collectibles subsplits

These are my splits for the All Collectibles route for Bioshock. There is still some optimization and route changes coming in the future. I'll drop new splits at that time! (external link)

By benedictatorrbenedictatorr


Mouse Fix

A batch file that will modify your "bioshock.ini" and "User.ini" to remove mouse acceleration and deadzone from both mouselook and cursor movement. Mouselook will become usable with high DPI mice and acceleration will be removed. The menu cursor will closely match the movement of your Windows cursor at all sensitivities, with no deadzone applied. (external link)

By gudnaimsartaekn