Worms strat improvements report
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Worms strat improvements report
Kentucky, USA

Been a few years since I've played. I've held the full-game WR and level WRs from Forest through Ancient at different points. I played pirate like once when it came out, and then hadn't played for years since. Did a casual playthrough of worms yesterday with a friend and tonight I did a strat runthrough of levels. Then, I watched the current WR to see what the current strats were. I didn't want to seed my mind so I wouldn't gravitate towards current strats, in order to hopefully find different/faster ones.

So I believe I've found some better strats, and may try to put together a fast (WR) run.

Here's what I found that was faster:

5, 7, 8, 11 (waaay faster), maybe 12, potential 17 strat (waaay faster, too difficult?), also a different 17 that's maybe faster and doable. Not saying what the strats are yet, but maybe you'll see them in a video :^)

Here's what I found that was slower:

9 (nice! didn't think of different level hole), 16 (a little slower, I didn't find a HIO bounce I did a different angle and rock bounce which required a 2nd shot)

The rest of the holes were basically the exact same speed, though some strats were different.

Kentucky, USA

Oh yeah this was over an hour of trying stuff, maybe over 2? I don't remember. 1117 shots total lol. May do more strat hunting before practicing.

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