Scoreboard Skip (SBS)
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Scoreboard Skip (SBS)

After a random return to random%. I found Scoreboard skip, which (you wont believe this) skips the scoreboard popping up after each hole.

The tutorial on my YT Gives a run down for the skip, how to do it and shows the time it saves, even with my poor skill LUL.

Hope you guys find this helpful.


She/Her, They/Them
6 months ago

This makes the game so much more intense. what a find.

Kentucky, USA

if you're having to do setup to skip stuff, I think that time should count towards it

She/Her, They/Them
5 months ago

That would make sense if we ever timed this game from boot, which we don't. personally It would be much faster either way but very very very tedious to have to reset it up every time before each run. I think that would really kill the enjoyment of the game, which is at least half of the point of speedrunning. there's nothing difficult about setting this up, it just would add maybe 30 seconds at the start of every attempt to leaving the lobby (to remove the otherwise semi-permanent effects of the glitch) rejoining the lobby plus any setup, starting the timer, entering hole one of whatever course you're doing (plus loading the level), getting a fast hole in one and setting up the glitch, then entering and doing hole one again.

For basic quality of life for anyone interested in the game, I'd suggest we just allow it to be setup beforehand. I come from a game where we eventually allowed mods and pregame setup to be done that made it possible to restart runs in 2 seconds instead of 20. sounds like a small difference but it really made running that game a lot more enjoyable for everyone, while basically not changing the run at all.

requiring us to time setup would actually make this game less competitive since we don't have a load remover yet and this would add an additional loading screen. also making the runs more tedious to set up for no reason is anti competitive because it will literally drive prospective runners away from the game by making resets much more punishing.

Sorry for the wall of text, I just really cannot agree.

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Kentucky, USA

That makes sense, especially for level runs where you will go for many attempts in the same room. Then for full level runs, well not many people run those anyway but the records will be smashed anyway even if you included the setup time. I agree with you.

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