GTA V Offline Trophy/ Achievement Speed Run
9 months ago

Why do not speed runners do trophy/achievement runs? Or can we suggest or open such a category? There are 33 offline trophies/achievements in the main game (the FPS trophy/achievement may be left out for the run, but it can be unlocked offline in the end), and there are 7 offline trophies/achievements in the DLC (I did not include export video trophies and entering Director Mode using any of your own GTA Online characters because I consider them as semi-online trophies/achievements). I also think that the categories that focus on specific trophies/ achievements are also missing. For example, there is no category for "Solid, Gold Baby!" trophy/achievement. It can even be divided into two categories. Reaching 70 by making gold in one go and reaching 70 in the type where replay is allowed. The "Waste Management" category is likewise missing. "San Andreas Sightseer" and "TP Industries Arms Race" could also be added. For the DLC part, "Humans of Los Santos" and "Ensemble Piece" is not available.

What do you think about this as a speed runner? I would especially like to see a category that includes all offline trophies/achievements.


You should do the run first but to be honest, this category is normally recommended and the only problem is that it takes more time than a 100% run of rdr2 so for me this should be divided in parts. Its interesting but you dont imagine how long it takes, its similar to all missions but you have to add more content

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@Meamv1, I follow your content, especially since you play on console. It may take a long time for those who play on console, as you said, but since there are those who complete the game 100% in 10 hours in the classic category on PC, maybe they can handle it in one go. But I agree with the idea of segmenting the run, it would be especially useful to those on console. It also encourages PC gamers to have such a complex run. I know it is complex and long, but I have always wanted to see it. I also forgot to add, but there is no category like all collectibles. There is a similar category in GTA San Andreas. I would like to do such a run, but I have no experience with GTA 5 single player runs (I would not be surprised if it takes 40 hours). My focus is usually on GTA Online and Doomsday Heist. However, I have a huge interest in GTA 5 Single player.

How would you like to be the first to do this in segments? I am sure you can do that, you have some pretty successful times.


Only thing i see is that for timesave you need to get gold in first attempt so you dont need to mission replay later, thing is we also need to do a completly new route because its not just 25/50 bridge, 8/15 knife flights or 25/50 stunt jumps, you have to do all of them so that might be the thing why no ones wanted to try this because is so long for real

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It's not a category because it is giga boring and very long. Nobody would run this.

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