A Close Shave% Map

A map with Bridges, Knife Flight locations, Segments names and Spawn locations! (4MB .zip with 8192x8192.jpg) (direct download)

By xqr.kushnirxqr.kushnir

All Random Events List

Includes times of day when they are active. (external link)

By DarkViperAUDarkViperAU

All Stunt Jumps% Map

A map with Stunt Jumps locations! (4MB .zip with 8192x8192.jpg) (direct download)

By xqr.kushnirxqr.kushnir


Please just activate the Autosplitter through "edit splits" on your livesplit instead of downloading this, way easier then. Only works for Patch 1.27 (external link)

By TheStonedTurtleTheStonedTurtle, hoxihoxi

Car Preference List

Franklin preferences is the order of the images (Masscro First) The numbers are the order for Michael/Trevor (Infernas is first) (external link)

By DarkViperAUDarkViperAU

GTA V Speedrun Settings Guide

Optimal settings to run GTA V, explaining what settings matter. (external link)

By DarkViperAUDarkViperAU

LiveSplit (external link)

By CryZeCryZe, wooferzfg1

Mission Map

This map shows the requirements for each mission to unlock. The colours represent which character can start each mission. The number represents the mission order of the current classic% route (external link)

By DarkViperAUDarkViperAU, ReloeReloe

OBS Studio (external link)

By jp9000

Save file manager

Make save files, store them and load up. Quick and easy. (direct download)

By columna1columna1

Simple Metric/Imperial Speedometer

Was looking for a good and simple speedometer - thought would share the best of them all (external link)

By libertylocked

Text Message Spawn Times

While I put this in the discord when I created it, this is when all the messages for Classic% spawn. Created by waiting after each mission to see what I got, then reloading before I got the messages, then holding up my phone until I got into another mission. (direct download)

By DarkViperAUDarkViperAU


100% Classic Save Files

Couldn't make save files for some rdm events because they wouldn't spawn then. (direct download)

By DagaznauDagaznau

100% Classic Segmented Save Files

(direct download)

By RayerRayer

100% NMS Save Files

Few of the save files are missing so have to look out for that. (direct download)

By Saurus88

100% Splits Save Files (01/07/17)

(direct download)

By DarkViperAUDarkViperAU

Any% Classic Save Files (external link)

By Saurus88

Auto-Save Files Any% Classic

Not fully updated route but good enough if anyone wants to experiment with autosaves. (external link)

By DarkViperAUDarkViperAU

GTA V True 100% Completion

Every aspect of GTA V completed. (external link)

By xHaviiHxxHaviiHx


100% Classic

Lots of notes inside the Splits aswell as "Fake" splits used for additional notes that you'll have to skip. (direct download)

By ReloeReloe

A Close Shave Splits

Splits for A Close Shave% (direct download)

By allin_

All Stunt Jumps Splits

(direct download)

By Saurus88

Any% Classic

(direct download)

By ReloeReloe

Any% Mission Skips

Blank any% ms splits with icons. (direct download)

By Crab1kCrab1k

Any% NMS Splits

The numbers in brackets in front of certain splits is how often you have to scroll down to get the quickcab before the mission passed screen appears. (direct download)

By AlexHonixAlexHonix

Livesplit Layout

General Layout that can be used with a Color Key in OBS to have the background Transparent. (direct download)

By ReloeReloe

Mission Icons

Mission icons, mainly for livesplit (direct download)

By szauszau

Radar Icons

Various radar icons from the game files. (direct download)

By Rockstar Games

Segments Splits

Includes all Splits for Segments except for Trevor%. (direct download)

By Saurus88


(direct download)

By ReloeReloe


First Patch Build 323

This patch currently has no use. I have put it here in case someone wants to experiment. Only minor differences found in limited testing, non-significant for speedrun. (external link)

By DarkViperAUDarkViperAU

Patch 1.27 (external link)

By Project 1.27 Team