You have to wait for second (duped) cutscene appear and then you can skip cutscene and pass the mission.

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This video should help you, watch at 3:02

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Almost there with learning the whole run, thanks for your help 😃


As most people know, CJ walks after you enter a mission "marker", so he can leave the "marker" in the process. -> You cannot dupe. So make sure to enter the "marker" in a way so that CJ cannot leave it.

Missions I know can be affected by this problem are Fish in a Barrel, Black Project, and, finally, Jizzy(cutscene mission), where you actually want him to leave.


Yea thats why you have to make sure that the security guard is nowhere near the marker when you dupe FIAB.


Jizzy Skip video:

Probably saves around 0:45 - 1:10 (depends on car rng) from my timing, someone else can test it thats better than me though.

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Hopefully I'm putting this in the right place.

With the new found Jizzy IP strat

So I wanted to compare the time differences between Without Completing Blood Bowl to Completing Blood Bowl.

Short story; You can save about 16 secs if you get good marker RNG but one mishap will end up costing you time. But this method can only be done one time to my knowledge. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Sorry for the lack of editing.

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