*GTA IV Any% Beginner's Guide, Route, and Splits  
Activity: Pool  
Any% Routing Doc  
Classic% guide  
Mission: A Dish Served Cold  
Mission: A Long Way to Fall  
Mission: Bleed Out  
Mission: Buoys Ahoy  
Mission: Call and Collect  
Mission: Deconstruction For Beginners  
Mission: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend  
Mission: Dining Out  
Mission: Do You Have Protection?  
Mission: Easy Fare  
Mission: Entourage  
Mission: Escuela of the Streets  
Mission: Final Destination  
Mission: Final Interview (pt. 2)  
Mission: First Date  
Mission: Flatline  
Mission: Harboring a Grudge (incomplete)  
Mission: Have a Heart  
Mission: Holland Nights  
Mission: I'll Take Her  
Mission: Ivan the Not So Terrible  
Mission: Late Checkout  
Mission: Liquidize the Assets  
Mission: Luck of the Irish  
Mission: No Love Lost  
Mission: Out of the Closet (pt.2)  
Mission: Paper Trail  
Mission: Payback  
Mission: Pegorino's Pride  
Mission: Photo Shoot  
Mission: Portrait of a Killer (incomplete)  
Mission: Taking in the Trash  
Mission: The Puerto Rican Connection  
Mission: The Snow Storm  
Mission: Three Leaf Clover  
Mission: Trespass (incomplete)  
Mission: Undertaker (incomplete)  
Mission: Undress To Kill  
Mission: Union Drive (incomplete)  
Sweatshirt Guide: How to beat it in 2 different ways Properly.