New category extension?
10 months ago

Could there be a catagory extension for Emu, as so that people on emu can still run the game, without comparing directly to og hardware runs?

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I messaged the mods about this 8 years ago and they said they would never add it. This is a shame as I no longer own a PS2, preventing me from speedrunning this game for many years.

I would love to see a separate category for Emu and another for other variables (GT4 Progolgue giving you a license for example).

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Ever since taking over the GT boards, I do have a vision of completely revamping all the boards with new and realistic categories, including emulator. But with moderating all GT games and a lot of other games, I only have so much time to dedicate to every game. Plus I'd like to run such game to be able to create and manage categories properly.

That being said, emulator has a place for every PS1/PS2 GT game. So EMU should be a thing on this board at some point. But I do not have the time right now to make that happen. I'd like to make all the GT games makes sense like I've done with GT4 Prologue, GT PSP, GT Sport and GT 7. All in due time.

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Maybe adding more moderators could be a good step forward instead of putting all the workload for the entire series on one person

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Willing. The whole reason I took over was the lack of active moderators. Always welcome to people stepping up who are knowledgeable about the game and have experience modding.

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I did a test run on PCSX2 a few months back to convince the old moderators to get emulator for this game, I am re-linking here in case information got lost, I show the settings and shit at the end

also if you need extra hands then I can help too

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Ohio, USA

I've seen you around in the Discord and you seem to know your stuff. I'll add you on as a moderator and you can take the lead on emulator stuff. Who knows when I'll get to this game.

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Emulation is (finally) allowed!

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed the moderation team has changed the past few months and since then it was among our goals to implement an emulation board for this game.

For full game runs, emulator will be separated from hardware runs as its loading times differ from console, however Indiv

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