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Is it possible to add Gran Turismo 2 for emulators only in Gran Turismo series as a new game? In this way we can separate runs on real ps1 and emulator runs.


  1. If the emulator is the evil, why is it allowed in single license tests as b1, b2 etc?

  2. Why some admins on this site (considering all games) allows emulators and some like you don't?

  3. since you are so precise, why aren't there the various categories for the various versions of the game, such as ntsc v1.0, ntsc v1.1, ntsc 1.2, pal 1.0, pal 1.1? There are some changes between the versions, right?

  4. are you sure that every console of the planet has the same performance and all GT2 cd are all at the same conditions?

  5. all speedrunners here have the same tv with the same input lag?

For me is impossible to guarantee same condition in every run, also with your rules (personal opinion).

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  1. License tests are allowed for emulators, because of IGT timing method.
  2. Banning emulators require reason. It is known, that emulating game such Gran Turismo 2 is very unaccurate, especially while loading, where loading times depends on PC specs.
  3. Changes between versions has no impact on gameplay, you can choose version you are prefer. There are no advantages to use version 1.0 or 1.2.
  4. Yes and no. Sony Playstation 1 is officially licensed console, which guarantees same specs for every Playstation 1 console, making most accurate way to compare all speedruns for this game. Because it's an old console, you can experience performance issues, which is disadvantage for the runner. Console runner can be compared with console runner but not with emulator runner. Emulator runner cannot be compared with emulator runner because loading and emulating speed depends on PC specs which is completely different scenario than running native windows application on different computers.
  5. Well, I don't know why are you asking, but probably not :D . Input lag doesn't matter while RTA timing, it can affect your gameplay but not final time.

Maybe we can't guarantee same conditions but we can guarantee that current rules are most compatible for speedrunning community for now. You still can speedrun on emulator and compare yourself with boards ;) .


  1. You're right, it is. Also, it is official licensed product by Sony, automatically making this device allowed in terms of speedrunning.
  2. ePSXe 2.0.5 is slower than old versions. Even worse, emulation speed depends on user PC specs, making impossible to compare other emulator runs.
  3. Differences between licensed consoles are ok but differences between 3rd party emulation softwares are biggest issue in speedrunning. Emulation is still not accurate enough these days and own WR because you're lucky enough and own PC with great performance is not acceptable in speedrunning.

You guys can look at that old thread I made year ago, where I was at your place. New possible runner wanting to make emulators allowed. Unfortunately, this is not gonna happen right now due performance differences.

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I think that we talked about that thread and I've read I think all of your discoveries. I understand like a savestate TAS yea yea problem. But emulation is aight I guess if you dont use d3 ps2 something. There should be allowed epsxe and graphics psx native or just enhanced for FullHD resolution screen users. I am playing Crash team racing, crash bandicoot and these games and I see there are allowed emulators, and no problem at all. :D But yeah that's up to ninja and other guys, I guess.

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For example in pc games who has powerful pc has lower loading times, with your rules there would be no speedrun for pc games, because all pc are different.

For me it would be easy and fair to make a separate category (or a category extension) for emulators

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separate category is solution too. And I dont know for which emu it is faster, but as the 25pal and 30ntsc the times are same, so the ePSXe and psxfin are same as consoles. I has like a year ago shit PC and now I have good and the result is same. So...

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We will do detailed testing and try our best. We will let you know about results. Thread closed.

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