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Top 3 :3 might grind for record eventually but unlikely as of now

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Any% NG+
Difficulty Any% NG+
Platform Any% NG+
Load Removed Time
3h 56m 20s
Real Time Attack
4h 03m 32s
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Time splits
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1-Intro2m 47s 198ms2m 47s 198ms
2-Hunt with Atreus4m 04s 344ms6m 51s 542ms
3-Defeat Dauði Kaupmaðr
0m 16s 874ms7m 08s 416ms
4-Return to the house
1m 19s 281ms8m 27s 697ms
5{The Marked Trees} Use Rock Throw7m 30s 861ms15m 58s 558ms
6-Journey to the Mountain3m 29s 423ms19m 27s 981ms
7-Continue towards the mountain0m 53s 172ms20m 21s 153ms
8-Escape the ruins
2m 54s 049ms23m 15s 202ms
9-Fight off the Reavers1m 00s 476ms24m 15s 678ms
10-Blades Combo into Brok Skip
2m 32s 007ms26m 47s 685ms
11-Throw your ax at the trees0m 43s 453ms27m 31s 138ms
12-Freeze before starting wheel2m 16s 079ms29m 47s 217ms
13-Hunt with Atreus (again)1m 33s 923ms31m 21s 140ms
14-Follow the Witch1m 48s 405ms33m 09s 545ms
15-Collect the white-petaled flower1m 08s 094ms34m 17s 639ms
16-Skip Nightmares1m 01s 389ms35m 19s 028ms
17-Boat towards daylight0m 41s 392ms36m 00s 420ms
18-Dock at the bridge0m 11s 237ms36m 11s 657ms
19-Investigate the temple and bridge1m 03s 888ms37m 15s 545ms
20-SRage To Skip
1m 18s 687ms38m 34s 232ms
21{Path to the Mountain} Continue towards the mountain2m 43s 878ms41m 18s 110ms
22-Follow the Witch
5m 24s 390ms46m 42s 500ms
23{A Real Beyond} Follow the witch 24m 04s 312ms50m 46s 812ms
24-Travel to Alfheim0m 24s 329ms51m 11s 141ms
25-Find a way to the Light1m 57s 456ms53m 08s 597ms
26-Get to the Ringed Temple2m 15s 608ms55m 24s 205ms
27-Find a way into the temple2m 10s 656ms57m 34s 861ms
28-Reactivate the Ringed Temple bridge3m 14s 485ms1h 00m 49s 346ms
29-Go back up to the Ringed Temple bridge
0m 52s 453ms1h 01m 41s 799ms
30-Find another way into the temple1m 15s 938ms1h 02m 57s 737ms
31-Find a way into the hive2m 11s 078ms1h 05m 08s 815ms
32-Investigate the hive1m 01s 218ms1h 06m 10s 033ms
33-Destroy the hive and claim the Light3m 13s 281ms1h 09m 23s 314ms
34-Find a way out of the temple3m 57s 351ms1h 13m 20s 665ms
35-Return to the boat
0m 26s 993ms1h 13m 47s 658ms
36-Use the sand bowl lift3m 11s 845ms1h 16m 59s 503ms
37-Return to Týr’s Temple1m 14s 799ms1h 18m 14s 302ms
38-Realm travel back to Midgard1m 24s 802ms1h 19m 39s 104ms
39-Return to the Mountain
0m 49s 651ms1h 20m 28s 755ms
40-Go back through the tower0m 05s 610ms1h 20m 34s 365ms
41{The Light of Alfheim} TAKE THE GONDOLA2m 50s 062ms1h 23m 24s 427ms
42-Ascend the mountain2m 12s 690ms1h 25m 37s 117ms
43-Traverse the dark caves
2m 45s 498ms1h 28m 22s 615ms
44-Ascend the Cave Shaft
0m 10s 483ms1h 28m 33s 098ms
45-Free the chain2m 31s 159ms1h 31m 04s 257ms
46-Bring Chain down first
2m 18s 909ms1h 33m 23s 166ms
47{Inside the Mountain} Reach the summit16m 29s 287ms1h 49m 52s 453ms
48-2 reverts when boy speaks1m 28s 167ms1h 51m 20s 620ms
49-Return to the Witch’s Cave1m 10s 919ms1h 52m 31s 539ms
50-Talk to the Witch in her house2m 02s 204ms1h 54m 33s 743ms
51-Realm Travel and 1 Revert0m 53s 991ms1h 55m 27s 734ms
52{A New Destination} Go to the Serpent’s horn1m 15s 275ms1h 56m 43s 009ms
53-Follow Lower Gate and then Boat
3m 01s 236ms1h 59m 44s 245ms
54-Investigate the dead Giant0m 48s 170ms2h 00m 32s 415ms
55-Retrieve a piece of the chisel1m 06s 780ms2h 01m 39s 195ms
56-Find a way to break the ice
1m 12s 111ms2h 02m 51s 306ms
57-Talk to Sindri0m 15s 515ms2h 03m 06s 821ms
58-Find a way to the hammer2m 00s 188ms2h 05m 07s 009ms
59-Make your way up the hammer
0m 53s 661ms2h 06m 00s 670ms
60-Release the strap0m 28s 608ms2h 06m 29s 278ms
61-Find a way to the hammer’s head5m 54s 768ms2h 12m 24s 046ms
62-Make you way to the chisel2m 06s 434ms2h 14m 30s 480ms
63{The Magic Chisel} Revert after Phase and use Slow Time3m 20s 769ms2h 17m 51s 249ms
64-Boat then Realm Travel NO REVERT
2m 38s 434ms2h 20m 29s 683ms
65-Return to the Lake of Nine
0m 33s 781ms2h 21m 03s 464ms
66-Go to Týr’s Vault1m 10s 934ms2h 22m 14s 398ms
67-Activate the Lift0m 22s 396ms2h 22m 36s 794ms
68{Behind the Lock} Ask Freya for help3m 09s 218ms2h 25m 46s 012ms
69-Use Freya’s boat to return home
1m 34s 014ms2h 27m 20s 026ms
70-Realm Travel 1 Revert0m 23s 380ms2h 27m 43s 406ms
71-Travel to Helheim1m 26s 168ms2h 29m 09s 574ms
72-Reach the Bridge Keeper
3m 50s 041ms2h 32m 59s 615ms
73-Hide Next to Chest2m 28s 931ms2h 35m 28s 546ms
74-Return to the Realm Travel Room
3m 06s 608ms2h 38m 35s 154ms
75{The Sickness} 1 Revert in Realm
1m 16s 250ms2h 39m 51s 404ms
76-Return to the boat1m 29s 706ms2h 41m 21s 110ms
77-Enter the boat0m 10s 172ms2h 41m 31s 282ms
78-Return to Týr’s Vault3m 49s 325ms2h 45m 20s 607ms
79-Deactivate the Vault's Traps0m 58s 516ms2h 46m 19s 123ms
80-Retrieve the Black Rune4m 06s 781ms2h 50m 25s 904ms
81-Escape the trap2m 13s 269ms2h 52m 39s 173ms
82-Retrive the Black Rune 20m 24s 769ms2h 53m 03s 942ms
83{The Black Rune} Exit Týr’s Vault
0m 39s 621ms2h 53m 43s 563ms
84-Journey back to the mountain0m 18s 203ms2h 54m 01s 766ms
85-Return to the Mountain4m 41s 205ms2h 58m 42s 971ms
86-Find a new path up to the summit1m 55s 346ms3h 00m 38s 317ms
87-Continue towards the summit
2m 05s 918ms3h 02m 44s 235ms
88-Open the bridge to Jötunheim0m 36s 300ms3h 03m 20s 535ms
89{Return to the Summit} Catch Baldur2m 41s 264ms3h 06m 01s 799ms
90-Find a way out of Helheim
7m 43s 659ms3h 13m 45s 458ms
91-Use the ship0m 47s 342ms3h 14m 32s 800ms
92{Escape from Helheim} Escape Helheim9m 50s 844ms3h 24m 23s 644ms
93-Realm travel back to Midgard1m 08s 863ms3h 25m 32s 507ms
94-Show Týr’s key plans to Brok0m 24s 902ms3h 25m 57s 409ms
95-Locate Týr’s mysterious door1m 47s 432ms3h 27m 44s 841ms
96-Explore Týr’s hidden chamber1m 36s 760ms3h 29m 21s 601ms
97-Break the chains
4m 34s 891ms3h 33m 56s 492ms
98-Run past everything, waiting Boy
1m 47s 535ms3h 35m 44s 027ms
99{A Path to Jotunheim} Return to Tyr's travel room0m 56s 699ms3h 36m 40s 726ms
100-Explore the Realm Between Realms
0m 27s 388ms3h 37m 08s 114ms
101-Take the Unity Stone to the precipice1m 10s 924ms3h 38m 19s 038ms
102-Investigate the Jötunheim tower0m 38s 360ms3h 38m 57s 398ms
103{Between the Realms} Survive the gauntlet of realms3m 33s 445ms3h 42m 30s 843ms
104-Travel to Jotunheim1m 52s 444ms3h 44m 23s 287ms
105-Talk to Brok and Sindri1m 45s 784ms3h 46m 09s 071ms
106-Talk to the Serpent0m 17s 968ms3h 46m 27s 039ms
107-Boat into the Serpent’s mouth
1m 23s 148ms3h 47m 50s 187ms
108-Find Mimir’s eye2m 16s 796ms3h 50m 06s 983ms
109-Leave the Serpent's mouth2m 13s 789ms3h 52m 20s 772ms
110{Jotunheim in Reach} Defeat Baldur7m 49s 629ms4h 00m 10s 401ms
111-Return to the Realm Travel Room1m 06s 922ms4h 01m 17s 323ms
112-Back up to Sprint1m 37s 518ms4h 02m 54s 841ms
113{Mother's Ashes} Scatter her ashes0m 43s 983ms4h 03m 38s 824ms
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