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In my opinion, the VH Glitchless category shouldn’t exist.

Here’s why: There is currently no useful glitches that can be used in the game, and the only one thing that is kinda of a glitch, but it’s used in the glitchless category is the restart checkpoint exploit that regenerates your runic attacks at the moment when Magni and Modi says: [quote] “ÓÐR BRÓÐIR BLINDR!“ [/quote] And there isn’t a lot of runs for the VH glitchless so that wouldn’t make a difference, specially because the current VH glitchless (HDD) is shorter than the VH ANY% (HDD).

[ To @Jolielegal ]

I know that you’re not into this game and doesn’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes about speedrunning this game, so I decided to take a clip from @Clowned187 ‘s stream where he talks about the Glitchless category:

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There is the XP glitch that is used in Very Hard with glitches and is not used in Very Hard Glitchless. When talking to a runner of the category, he expressed that VH Glitchless should remain separated. So I left it this way. It can still be discussed if there is a better way.


Well, the XP glitch is pretty much just restarting the checkpoint after gaining XP, that can still happen in the glitchless since it’s a hard category.

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Não acredito que seja um glitch nem o do XP nem o Magno e Modi! É apenas uma tática de chackpoint usado pra ter uma leve vantagem.

Pensem, se na arena de batalha onde geralmente se faz a técnica do XP e o cara não tiver na intenção de fazê-lo, porém, após ele conseguir os 3500 pontos ele acabar morrendo... irá ter que reiniciar a run?! Porque se não, quando ele fosse fazer a técnica se prensar os inimigos na parede novamente, ele ganharia o dobro se XP, fazendo com que ele tivesse uma leve vantagem.

Então, na minha opinião, não se trata exatamente de um glitch, pois o jogador pode executa-lo sem mesmo ter intenção, fazendo com que a run entre as duas categorias tenham diferenças quase nulas.


Sim, preencher a magia novamente não é um bug, ok...

Tokyo, Japan

I think this proposal should be considered again.

I ran VH and applied for VHglitchless. There are two reasons. -Because I could not save time with the existing glitch. -Because VHglitchless's 1st place record was faster than Any%VH.

I hope that by merging these two categories, the rules will be more concise and the number of runners will increase. Besides, I hope that faster runs and new glitches will be discovered.

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