Glitchless Category?
2 years ago
Michigan, USA
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
2 years ago

The first run by MLGix doesn't use any glitches so I was thinking we could make a glitchless category in which we cannot use objects for the infinite flop glitch, but you can climb walls "and ceilings if possible" because I wouldn't consider those glitches. Mabey we could make it no major glitches?

    I was wondering because that run by MLGix was so skillful and I feel like it was over taken by the infinite flop glitch and would go to waste without a new category.
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Infinite flop glitch found!

A new game breaking glitch has be discorvered by the amazing riley speedrun in order to preform the trick push the chair in the starting cabin out of the way. where the chairs seat spawns orginally you want to jump into the air there and pause where the s

2 years ago
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