How to transition faster with official levels

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There is a way to transition a level faster than a second. the calculations are about 0.8 or 0.6 seconds.
How do you do it?

You simply beat a level first.
When you see the "Level Complete!" text start to size down, spam the Esc key untill you hear the sound effect of exiting a level. Be aware spamming just 1 more time makes you go back to the Main Menu.
Now, be cautious, and just press the Right Arrow 1 time. This will make the game switch the levels before the menu has even loaded. Wait until everything seems to be visible, and press space right away, If you have done everything correctly you should be, in example, in Base After Base if you did it with Dry Out.

You can press Esc 1 time and be safe you don't ruin the run, but it is literally 15 frames you can input this in, so don't ever use 144hz.

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