A Challenger Approaches
2 years ago
Washington, USA

basically, found this game from almost a decade ago and decided im gonna speedrun soon. Next time i have a twenty on hand ima buy the steam version and speedrun, since there are no records for the game yet.

also, the discord link is dead.

Washington, USA

correction there are records i just didn't know how speedrun.com worked, i will be competing with one full run record by teamplasma and maybe some single level records by debiangamer256

United Kingdom

oh yeah the discord got deleted long ago i think ill just remove the link for now maybe ill make a new in in the future if someone really goes and submits runs

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Washington, USA

this was a long time ago!! sorry that i baited all of y'all into thinking i was going to do runs at the time, had a lot going on and wanted to revisit this game. I might post here and there though now!!

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