This Board Could Use Some Tidying Up
6 months ago
California, USA

Hi! I recently started running Glowfish and noticed a few issues with the category organization, names, and rules.

FULL GAME Firstly, “Any% Glow Chums” uses a preexisting file, meaning it should be called “All Levels” (specify in the rules that they are played in order). I also suggest replacing “Any% No Glow Chums” with a true “Any%,” meaning beating the game start to finish on a new file. No Glow Chums is a rather uninteresting category, though you can always bring it back if there’s demand. “Low%” is a very niche category. I would suggest removing it until someone shows interest. “All Glow Chums” and “No Death” seem redundant. The former is just an Any% run that ends at level 40 while the latter is optimally a good Any% run (as soon as someone gets a deathless Any% run, the No Death category is just Any%). This leaves us with “Any%” (Rules: New file), “All Levels” (R: Completed File, Play levels in order), “All Achievements” (R: New File), “All Glow Chum Upgrades” (R: New File), and “100%” (R: New File).

INDIVIDUAL LEVELS The rules for what frame the timer starts and ends are unclear. The “100%” categories should be renamed “4 Stars” as not to get confused with the rules of full game 100%. Finally, the five world categories at the bottom of the board should be moved to full game under “Misc.” (Now called “Secondary Categories” I think?).

Please implement these changes yourself, or I suppose you could make me a moderator. I won’t be inactive on this site any time soon and would be happy to verify runs.

United Kingdom

Hello yeah I agree that the leader board was a mess here is a change log of what I have done so far. I have also added you as a moderator feel free to fix any mistakes I made when changing the leader board or add afew more categories.

FULL GAME Changed the full game categories around to only have Any% NG, Any% NG+, 100% NG, 100% NG+ changed the rules of them accordingly changed the timing rules of full game to be easier to frame time edited existing runs accordingly. Made 100% to just mean 4 stars for all levels. (You can rename this to 4 Stars if you think this is a better name.) We could have things like All Achievements it is kinda similer to just getting 4 stars on all levels tho I think All Glow Chum Upgrades is to grindy to bother being a category it would basicly be a getting all glow chums + grinding coins run you can add this if you feel it is a good category tho.

INDIVIUAL LEVELS Added timing rules to the IL leader boards that are easy to frame time. (Note do to there being alot of runs already here that are timed however alot of older runs are timed wrong I will work on fixing this later.) Left the stage categories in the IL area cuz there is a number of combos of the stage categories with different ways to play them like glow chums or no glow chums Any% 100% I feel it is easier to navagate in the IL area then as a Misc category you can move them to a Misc full game category if you still feel that is better.

Added some general rules for the game feel free to fix any typos I made.

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