autosplitter/load remover?
2 years ago

In the Rules it is stated that:

Timing for full game runs are done using the community created autosplitter/load remover which uses Real-Time Without Loads.

But there is not mentioned where to find the autosplitter/load remover or how to set it up. So far I have just installed livesplit and downloaded the splits from the resources. But I havent seen the autosplitter/load remover, and stopping by hand is incredibly inaccurate.

I am sorry if it is a silly question but i am completely new to this. Can someone show me da way?


you can download auto splitter in Discord in resources it hasn't been uploaded anywhere i htink


never mind- you can get full game splits in the resources on src as well


Do you mean here at Resources where it reads "Full Game Splits" I already have that one but it just adds the splits to livesplit but the timer does not activate when i start a run.


you need to active auto splitter in Edit Splits if you hop on in the discord it might be easier to help out

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You dont need to download anything, you just need to have splits set up with the game set to Ghostrunner and then under Edit Splits hit "Activate"

(This is from a different game, but same process applies)

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yea thanks to you guys i found it there already but very nice, even for others who wants to know this somewhen.