Post us some strats
7 years ago
São Paulo, Brazil

We started speedrunning this game. First, a 2:21. Then, a 2:02. Then, a 2:00. Then, I made a 1:52. I noticed a sub 1:50 could be possible, but that would require perfect movement and RNG. After 3-2 days of losing and getting again the WR, I finally got a 1:28.1. Now, 1:27 is theoretically possible, but it would require amazing mouse movement and RNG, so now you can post 'strats' that will help us, and who knows, even you! My strat is: When the round starts, I see some webs, then I move around to see if some of the webs are windowed. What is your strat? Post it here!

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Woah, it was a great day! :) We started at 2:21 and now we have a 1:30. Which time is possible? What do you think? My strat is: Look at the first seconds at some cobwebs and then collect them. Whenever I search a cobweb for a long time i start the game new. ^^ (Sorry for my horrible English. :^D)

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Yeah honestly this is really awesome. My strat is the same as Eiterbeule, and I puts my screen on the cobwebs which are hidden to click above ^^ Microseconds will make the difference after a while xD

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