Glitch in Web Save can save time? (and something)
6 years ago
São Paulo, Brazil

So yesterday, I found out that if you do Web Save, then wait for the webs to be active, then look at some webs, then finally press the "Play" button, more webs will spawn, but the webs you looked at will still be active. This means you can collect these webs, while you wait for the other webs to activate. This can save a bit of time, but you would have to have 4+ webs to actually get benefit.

And also yesterday, I found that if you collect the penultimate web and then immediately after that the last web, Gengar will skip his delayed animation. While this is considered a glitch, I think this shouldn't be banned from Glitchless, since many would have to restart their run if they did it accidentally.


Look at these glitch Eribetra. I can collect more than 9 Webs in that round. Im a little bit confused by that but it works.

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São Paulo, Brazil

Guess that happens. XD

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